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Feb Customer Reviews

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As the highest rated brothel in Melbourne, Club859 lives up to its name and expectations. Lovely ladies and amazing ambience gives the perfect combination to have the time of your life.


Club859 is the place for great a service. And the friendly staff just make you wanna come back for more.


The girls are beautiful and the place is comfortable and very professional. I highly recommend to all my friends.


Long time visitor, first time comp entrant. Have to let you know out of all the years I’ve been coming to your place Bec has been the best little pocket rocket I’ve had. Thought you should know. 


Such an inviting place, the girls are easily the best girls in Melbourne to arrange a seeing with! 100% recommend to my friends or anyone for that matter 

Jan Customer Reviews

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I have fantastic time in meeting girls at Club859.


Had one of the best experiences there many many years ago


Wonderful establishment with gorgeous ladies. Leila is a gem


One of the finest in the town. Everything excellent from room to ladies.Completely exceptional. I don’t visit other than this heaven.


One of the best experience in my life in for club. Your ladies are soooo beautiful!!


Club 859 is a first class establishment from the friendly receptionists to the first class women.
I will never go to another establishment again as club 859 has won me over for life.

December Customer Reviews

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Club 859 has to be the best establishment I have been too. The receptionists are always so lovely and friendly and all the women there are amazing. 

It is well priced and always leave wanting to come back for more 🙂


I have search and dropped by last, the reception stuff are really friendly, and I’m quite amaze with the facility. Got a session with Kim, this girl damn…! She amazing in every perspective. Love it, gonna stop by more often.


Club859 is the best I always enjoy there and the stuff is friendly and sexy.


I absolutely love sneaking off from home and coming into the club for some (me) time!! Love this place.


Great place to go and fantastic girls to pick from every time! Never go anywhere else for a good night


Its a great place in melbourne. Best brothel in a city. I have been there couple of times and i enjoyed the services provided by one of the escorts.


November Customer Feedback

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Great atmosphere and the girls are fun. Had two or three fun experiences here over the years. Always look forward to the next


This has been a favourite since I was 18 so that’s a decade of 859 for me!


They were very accomodating, meeting all my desires. The women there are respectful and sexy. Can\’t wait to come back for more


Awesome place where my fantasies cum true! Love the fact that it is managed by ladies. The receptionists are cute too!


5 star establishment.. With ladies of the highest quality.. bravo x


I have heard a lot about club 859 that makes me curious to try the services you provide. people have been getting 100% satisfaction , so i would love to try it one time for sure. cheers!

Customer Reviews August

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Its a great place, my last time there I had an awesome time with a very sexy and beautiful lady.  Hope to be there again soon


One of the best brothels in Melbourne. From the moment I walked inside that red door, i was hesitating n was a bit nervous. However, the ladies in here really know how to clam a person. I had a great time there.
Thanks Club859


Love the beautifull & professional services they provide, making a client feel welcome. Would recommend to friends and work mates, about the amazing experience at club859. It’s a real winner in my opinion.


The girls are always amazing, a thoroughly welcoming environment and ive always left feeling thoroughly satisfied and much happier for it.


Best brothel ever ! Been there last month , had a awesome time.

May Customer Reviews

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great joint with beautiful women and classy staff. I have been going there for over 10 years


One of the best brothel I’ve visited in Melbourne so far!! KC was the best!!


I am a regular at Club859 because the ladies there are all lovely


Love the girls and the atmosphere. Cant wait to retun..a very regular customer


Dear Club 859. I have visited Club 859 a few times now. Very satisfied and happy with the professionalism and respect shown by Club 859. Great choice of ladies. Keep up the good service.


I have been visiting this place quiet often. Love the girls. Very relaxing. Never been disappointed.

April Customer Comments

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fantastic venue, gorgeous hosts!


Good service with beautiful ladies and clean rooms


The most amazing and all round fabulous place. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Fantastic service and offering the most elegant ladies in Melbourne.


Its awesome club i ever seen i like this place and girls as well.

Wrap It Or Face The Rap

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As a licensed Brothel in Victoria, Club 859 complies with the laws regulating the use of condoms and safe sex work practices. The signs plastered throughout our place are not just for decoration!

The risks involved in not using condoms include spreading Sexually Transmitted Infections and financial penalties.

Financial risks, you say? According to the SEX WORK ACT 1994 – SECT 18A, a person must not provide or RECEIVE sex work services unless he or she has taken all reasonable steps to ensure a condom or other appropriate barrier. The penalty for failing to do so is 20 penalty units.

(Review the SEX WORK ACT 1994 – SECT 18A here:

The current indexation of fees and penalties is available here:


From July 1, 2015 a penalty unit = $151.67. The fine is 20 penalty units.

Let’s do the math! 

20 x $151.67 = $3,033.40

That’s a lot of cash for a couple of minutes of pleasure. In fact it’s about 13 60 minute bookings at Club 859!!

There are other consequences for asking for oral sex or intercourse “naturally” as well. If you ask during the introduction for no condom sex, the ladies will report you to the manager who will likely reprimand you and/or ask you to leave. 

Asking in the room you will be refused, and it will put the lady on her guard to make sure the condom does not “accidentally” fall off at any point during the service. If you insist on natural, whether you offer to pay extra or not, or attempt to remove the condom she will give you a warning about ending the booking. Keep insisting and she will end the booking and leave the room. The manager will escort you out of the room – don’t expect to receive a refund either!

BUT I’M SPECIAL!! Well we think all our clients are special. Special enough that we want to make sure that you not only have a great experience with us, but that you also have a safe one. If a girl doesn’t use a condom with you – well you better believe that she is not using them with others. STIs can be transferred in between medical checks – and we only want you to take away pleasant memories after your visit with us.

If a lady offers you such a service, please report it to the manager. It will be much easier to talk to our experienced managers than explain a mysterious infection or 3 grand fine to your current or future partners!

Remember – If it’s not on……it’s not on!!

What is the Health Check – and Why?

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While you think there’s nothing more than a passion killer than having a woman scrutinize the family jewels under a bright light before play time, there’s a very good reason to endure it!

While our girls require regular health certificates and check ups – which involve vaginal, anal and throat swabs, blood and sometimes urine tests – we don’t know if our clients are as vigilant about their own sexual health. So we check everyone regardless of whether they are a regular or new client at the start of every booking.

Sometimes it’s better to have an extra set of eyes, just in case of something you might have missed in doing your own checking.

At the start of the booking the lady will ask you to stand next to a bright lamp, drop your pants and then give you an examination. This only takes a minute and she may ask a few questions. Usually all is fine and she’ll then ask you to hop into the shower while she goes to prepare for the session.

Sometimes one of our ladies might ask another lady to do a double check, especially if they are new in the industry. No need to be concerned or embarrassed if this happens to you – we think safe play is as important as fun play.

If you have any concerns about STIs (Sexually Transmittable Infections) or you want to just reassure yourself that everything is ok, why not visit the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre Their expert doctors and nurses are friendly and professional – and have seen it all before.

So, even though we strictly practice safe sex at Club859, making sure everyone is healthy first means that we can focus on having an enjoyable and passionate session.

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