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What is the Health Check – and Why?

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While you think there’s nothing more than a passion killer than having a woman scrutinize the family jewels under a bright light before play time, there’s a very good reason to endure it!

While our girls require regular health certificates and check ups – which involve vaginal, anal and throat swabs, blood and sometimes urine tests – we don’t know if our clients are as vigilant about their own sexual health. So we check everyone regardless of whether they are a regular or new client at the start of every booking.

Sometimes it’s better to have an extra set of eyes, just in case of something you might have missed in doing your own checking.

At the start of the booking the lady will ask you to stand next to a bright lamp, drop your pants and then give you an examination. This only takes a minute and she may ask a few questions. Usually all is fine and she’ll then ask you to hop into the shower while she goes to prepare for the session.

Sometimes one of our ladies might ask another lady to do a double check, especially if they are new in the industry. No need to be concerned or embarrassed if this happens to you – we think safe play is as important as fun play.

If you have any concerns about STIs (Sexually Transmittable Infections) or you want to just reassure yourself that everything is ok, why not visit the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre Their expert doctors and nurses are friendly and professional – and have seen it all before.

So, even though we strictly practice safe sex at Club859, making sure everyone is healthy first means that we can focus on having an enjoyable and passionate session.